TGA Subcool Nurse Jackie Regular (5 seeds)

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Medicine Woman x Jack the Ripper


Medicine Woman x Jack the Ripper

We wanted to combine the strong medicinal effects of Medicine Woman and Jack the Ripper and ended up with this delicious and powerfully effective strain. This stuff just tastes good, and even though you feel every bit of Nurse Jackie's considerable THC (21%+) the complex balance of terpenes that makes it so tasty leaves you with a clear head. Whether you are sick, well, or otherwise, Nurse Jackie is going to help you get up and go deal with whatever you have to do.

All phenotypes are tall, stretchy, and super frosty, with buds that are super tasty. There are two main types: one that takes after Jack the Ripper with triangular buds and a strong lemony taste, and another that takes after Medicine Woman with round buds and a strong funky taste.
Height:  Tall
Yield:  Medium to Heavy
Recommended for Indoor and Outdoor
Best way to grow:  Top out into a round bush early will stretch to 3X height. The Sativa nature will really come through as the plant stretches out quite a bit.
Harvest:  56-63 days
Sat/Ind:  85/15
Hybrid:  Medicine Woman x Jack the Ripper
High Type:  

This is strong medicine that leaves you with a clear head. Experienced users will be aware of the high THC content from the get-go, but bitteriness will only set in at pretty high dosages. Nice to get you through the day, particularly for patients with serious medical issues.
Taste/Aroma:  Sour lemony to sour funk with earthy undertones. Very distinctive and extremely tasty.