TGA Subcool Space Dawg Regular (5 seeds)

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The flowers are tasty and full of flavor, but they are also very potent so much that it numbs your head and after a few bowls my teeth were numb, like I had just been to the dentist, more of Indica effect. if you have pain this will kill it. People with low tolerance should be careful not to over indulge as it may cause them green outs and nausea.

Phenotypes:  The dominant variation is a mirror of the mother plant with slight influence from Space Queen
Height:  Stocky and wide with heavy weight supporting stem structure
Yield:  Medium yield very resinous and sticky

Indoor and Outdoor

Best way to grow:  Easy to shape and train allows any style of growing, allow additional veg time for large yields
Harvest:  55-60 days
Sat/Ind:  25/75
Hybrid:  Super Snowdawg (Bubble Chem x [Super skunk x Oregon Sno]) x Romulan x Cindy99
High Type:  Very stony and relaxing, good for anxiousness and anxiety, strong pain relief
Taste:  Fruit Punch and Juicy Fruit gum with traces of cherry and sour candy
Medicinal Strength: 11++