Bluelab Leap PH Probe


Is your Bluelab pH meter still working properly, but is the probe ready for replacement? Simply order a single probe in our webshop and you can use your meter again. With the Bluelab Leap pH probe, you can quickly and accurately measure the pH value of various cultivation media, including soil, cocos and nutrient solutions.

pH probes unfortunately have a limited life span, they age and show after a while no reliable values in anymore. With the right care and application (by keeping the probe tip hydrated and cleaning once a month) you can considerably extend the life span. The Bluelab Leap pH probe is suitable as a replacement for the pH probes of all Bluelab combometers and pH meters.

The tip of the pH probe should best be stored in a KCl solution to minimize the contamination of the gel.


- 0 - 14.0 pH range;
- ± 0.1 pH accuracy;
- 0 - 50 °C environment temperature;
- gel-filling (not refillable);
- waterproof cable connection;
- including probe holder - keeps the probe safe
- quality BNC connection;
- standard cable of 2 meters;
- ½ year warranty.