Tneon Bulbs


Turbo Neon gives plants the ideal light intensity and light spectrum. To be used for each stage of development of the plant: the cuttings, the growth stage and flowering stage.
Tneon lamps emit very little heat and can therefore be hung very close to the plants, a higher light intensity and maximum efficiency.

Tneon fixture dimensions:

TN2x55W Dimensions W x L x H: 220mm x 575mm x 80mm

Features Tneon:

- High efficiency electronic ballast PF> 0.98. High light output X2 lumen compared with equivalent CFL lighting
- Lower costs for replacement compared with CFL
- Tubes operate at low temperature, long service life of the lamps> 10,000 hours
- Full range for all applications: 3 sizes, 3 faculties, three light colors
 2700 °K; Blooming
 6500 °K, Grow & Mother Plants
 9000 °K; Cuttings Propagation
- Ability to link multiple Tneon