Kannabia Seeds Kickass Auto (5 seeds)

Photoperiod: 18-20 hours
Flowering cycle: 60-65 days
Average height: 50-60 cm
Yield: 400 gr/m2
Plant from: March - October
Average height: 50-75 cm
Yield: 200 gr/plant
THC: 11 %

Citrus x Ruderalis

The Little Dragon has awoken

Kickass Auto is a perfect balance of both psychoactivity and flavour. This indica-dominant strain is a guarantee of both relaxation and enjoyment of the citrus fruity flavour. Flowers are compact, orange and covered in trichomes. This strain is also a great choice for hashmakers!

Kickass Auto grows in compact bushes with especially thick and productive lower branches. It is highly resistant to mould, pests and diseases.


    Relaxing effect
    Resistant to pests
    Fruity flavour
    Sweet flavour