TGA Subcool Nepali Queen Regular (5 seeds)

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Nepali OG X Space Queen

Our quest to bring you new and interesting hybrids our friends at Norstar Genetics have been busy again with the Nepali OG mother plant. This time the goal was to add cherry infused resin to the exotic Indica dominant Nepali OG. Nepali Queen grows tall and very busy and produces stems packs with gooey floral clusters. Large colas packed with resin and swollen calyxes create a heavy yielding strain geared for production. The high hits incredibly hard and immediately create the trademark Indica High with a little something on top. Great for nighttime use or for helping with Anxiety. Nepali Queen is a heavy yielding plant with baseball-sized buds and stacked trichomes. Hints of fuel, limes, pine, and cherries prevail. The heavy hitting narcotic pain-relieving strain that seems to really help with ocular strain.

Phenotypes: Very stable across the line easy finding a keeper old school smells and taste.
Height: Tall
Yield:  Heavy, This strain exhibits very strong pest resistance, is incredibly vigorous and tolerates hot and humid temperatures.
Indoor/Outdoor: Does Well In Both
Best Way to Grow: Topped multiple times, expect moderate stretch during bud site development and another stretch during bloom. Needs extra support (trellis/stakes) due to giant floppy donkey dick syndrome.
Harvest: 68-72 days
Sat/Ind: 20/80
Hybrid: Nepali OG X Space Queen
High Type: Head-clearing and very useful for pain management throughout the day. Not the most talkative of strains but fantastic for concentration and clarity. At high doses can very narcotic and heavy-hitting, with good results for all types of pain management but especially for those that are eye-sight related
Taste:  thick greasy high-octane fumes with lip-smacking sour pine lime to finish.