TGA Subcool Strelka Regular (5 seeds)

Stardawg x Space Queen

Strelka is a very unique plant growing fast like an Indica but finishing rapidly, yields are great. She smells absolutely amazing with an array of complex flavors and smells. I love growing new genetics and yes most of the time all of them are good genetics but plants like Strelka is why I truly do it. You know when you have found that one that special plant you will keep in your garden for good. She is on an equal platform as the Kosher Kush, meaning Strelka isn’t going anywhere.

I have always been impressed with Kyle’s Terpene profiles and since we go way back it only made sense to work on a few projects together. Badger loves the way Stardog grows and he has created a new Hybrid for us. Berries, Candy and Kush with hints of Sour Diesel

Special Collaboration with Kyle Kushman

Phenotypes: Buds with Silvery hues and Orange undertones, tall spear shaped bud reach a height of 5-6 feet and the finish is fast and oily. Candy, Kush, Berries, Cherries, Anise
Height: Medium/Tall
Yield:  Medium to heavy with good topping and training techniques
Indoor/Outdoor: Does Well In Both
Best way to grow: Topped Twice
Harvest: 8 Weeks
Sat/Ind: 70/30
High Type: Great for inflammation and relaxing without falling completely asleep, seems to reduce appetite so it’s a good choice for Diabetics. Uplifting and great for social activities while still reducing pain. Great for fatigue and Anxiety
Taste:  Tangy Candy and Berries with Diesel and Kush Cherries on Exhale
Hybrid: Chemdog 4 X Tres Dawg X Romulan X Cinderella 99