TGA Subcool Zinger Regular (5 seeds)

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BOG’s Sour Strawberry x Space Queen

Created to bring two old friends together Subcool and Bushy Old Grower ( BOG) Go way back
and BOG has used Jacks Cleaner Blueberry created by Sub to make a few of his early strains.
Strawberry is one of those hard to reproduce terpenes and mixed with the highly resinous Space
Queen the resulting hybrid is an uplifting Sativa that taste like a Snowcone!!!

Huge towering colas and heavy yields. The buds appeared fluffy and week 6 bud the end yield in
a 15-gallon pot was 11 ounces of Primo buds that people started buying up before it was cured
completely. Instantly a favorite of many of the Dank Girls in my crew but by no means a “girly”
cross this strain will get you a bit confused and elated if you consume just a few extra hits.
Beautiful fall colors and red pistils make this a top-shelf strain in any dispensary.

Phenotypes: Tall robust plants with thick colas that frost up heavy by day 55.
Height: Tall and Wide
Yield:  Phat
Indoor/Outdoor: Does Well In Both
Best Way to Grow: Topped aggressively early and give ample veg time she likes to get big!
Harvest: 58-65 Days
Sat/Ind: 65/45
Hybrid: The Strawberry Kush clone was sourced from some really fine Humboldt cloners and has East
Coast Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough, and Razz in it. Then, BOG pollinated it with a fine Sour Bubble male. Space Queen male was found by Subcool in Oregon in 2004 ( Ake Space Dude)
High Type: Upbeat and Happy watch out for the giggles, to stoned to shop!
Taste:  Strawberry Snowcone, Cherry Candy, Sour Patch Kids