TGA Subcool Raspberry Jelly Regular (5 seeds)

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Raspberry Smash x Raspberry Smash F2

Let’s start from the beginning. raspberry smash was a tester I was running for Subcool in December 2014, after running several dozen female’s I was in love this cross, it was a hit at my dispensary at the time & always selling out. Lab test on my favorite phenotype was at 23% THC & very high in the terpene beta-myrcene.  Almost 4 years later. If your friends with Subcool you know one thing he gives you seeds, I had so many packs of raspberry smash I had to do bring this F2 back to the weed nerds. Smash was a limited release but everyone that grew it loved her! She was never available for sale to the public only private release… After selecting through hundreds of seeds Raspberry Jelly was born.

Raspberry Jelly is (raspberry smash × raspberry smash) F2. she’s an eye catcher with burgundy & purple hues, giant frosty buds with a raspberry jelly / kushy candy aroma. This cultivar is very sedating great for bedtime or just chillaxing.

Phenotypes:  Plum Colored Buds with thick white resin heads truly Cannabis Art
Height: Medium height and stretch Mostly short stocky plants very little stretch.
Yield: 725 Grams per 1000 Watt fixture per 2/SQYD Quadrant*
Indoor/Outdoor: Does Well In Both Recommended for Both
Best Way to Grow: Top Early, Does really well in a Sea of Green
Harvest: 57-64 days
Sat/Ind: 20/80
Hybrid: Raspberry Smash f2
High Type: Strong and sedative great for pain relief and insomnia. Caution while trying to function it really makes me sleepy.
Taste:  Raspberry Jelly, Raspberry Pastry, Kush Candy