Bluelab Kci Storage Solution 100 ml


Bluelab pH probe KCl Storage Solution 100 ml is the perfect solution for maintaining your Bluelab pH probes and pens.

pH probes are sensitive glass instruments that age through use. To prevent the performance of the pH probes from deteriorating due to drought, the KCl storage solution has been developed for Bluelab pH products.

Submerge the probe tip into the storage solution after each use by filling the cap and storing the probe upside down. This way you increase the lifespan of your Bleulab product. In addition, the solution contains certain elements that can even increase the reaction time of your pH meter.

The KCI solution can also be used as a refill solution for some probes.

Ideal for use with the following Bluelab products:

-    Bluelab pH Pen;
-    Bluelab Soil pH Pen;
-    Bluelab pH Probes;
-    Bluelab Soil pH Probe.