VENTS VK 150 R Centrifugal Fan Ø 150 MM / 460 M³


Vents VK fans are applied for supply and exhaust ventilation systems of commercial, office and other premises. Due to the corrosion-resistant durable plastic casing, these models are the perfect solution for installation in exhaust ventilation systems in humid premises such as bathrooms and kitchens.

This Vents VK 150 R Centrifugal fan has a single-phase external rotor motor which is equipped with self-resetting overheating protection and ball bearings for a long service life designed for at least 40 000 operating hours. The dynamically balanced impellers ensure precise features, safe operation and an average noise level. The speed can be adjusted by the thyristor speed controller on the back of the fan.

Simply mount the fan on the wall or ceiling with the included mounting brackets. Also inlcuded are the power cord and plug.

Are you looking for a silent fan? In that case the Vents VK 125 Q R Centrifugal Fan is the best choice for you, because the Q-variant is supplied with a quiet motor. In contrast, this fan has a higher air capacity: 460 m3 instead of 260 m3.


-    Type: exhaust, supply;
-    Frequency: 50 Hz;
-    Voltage: 230 V;
-    Power consumption: 80 W;
-    Current: 0.35 A;
-    RPM: 2725;
-    Maximum air capacity: 460 m3/h;
-    Sound pressure level at 3m: 42 dB;
-    Spigot size: 150 mm;
-    Weight: 2.45 kg;
-    Mounting: inline;
-    Protection rating: IP X4.