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Bulb Osram Plantastar 400 watt


Osram Plantastar High-pressure gas discharge lamps are intended as plant lighting, Plantastar lamps ensure a strong and healthy plant growth! The Osram Plantastar lamps are specially developed to meet the specific needs and stringent requirements of greenhouses.

The Osram Plantastar have been developed with the requirements that are made by horticulture industry in mind. The light sources in greenhouses can't simply be compared to a bulb that has to light a highway. With the arrival of the Osram Planta Star, we have a light source available that meets all the principles for proper assimilation lighting.

Product Features:

-    High pressure sodium lamp especially for horticultural lighting;
-    Ideal for assimilation lighting in horticulture;
-    Optimized filling with adapted spectra for profitable plant growth;
-    Photon flux > 90% after 12000 hours;
-    Lamp replacement after 12000 hours is recommended in order to ensure an optimal and continuous growth;
-    Centrally-located, durable ceramic arc tube with sodium-amalgam filling;
-    Advanced Ignition System (AIS), for longer lamp life and reduced starting time;
-    Advanced Shock Resistance (ASR), flexible mounting of the burner for longer lamp life;
-    Simple and strong construction, only 5 welding points of electric circuit for longer life;
-    E40 ceramic base, nickel-plated brass for corrosion resistance, ideal for use in humid environment.

Your benefits:

-    Lamps are optimized on the relevant spectrum for plant growth and are measured in Micro Mole;
-    For optimal, healthy plant growth;
-    ZrAl absorption plate for constant quality during the first 10,000 hours;
-    After this time, or every two years it is recommended to replace the lamp;
-    Extremely high luminous efficacy up to 145 lm / W;
-    Optimal robust frame structure with patented shock absorption;
-    High quality corrosion resistant lamp base, ideal for use in humid conditions.


-    Commercial horticulture to 'year round' production of plants and vegetables as possible;
-    Plant Production for research purposes;
-    Lighting lawns on athletic fields.

Technical data:

-    Lamp Type: OSRPLANTASTAR400;
-    Lamp Shape: Tubular;
-    Type of Glass: Transparent;
-    Lamp Power: 400 watts;
-    Lumens per watt: 141.25 lm / W;
-    Photon flux: 725 mmol / s;
-    Photon flux efficiency: 1.7 mmol / s / W;
-    Color Temperature: 2000k;
-    Average lifespan: 32000h;
-    Dimmable: No;
-    Diameter: Ø 47 mm;
-    Length: 285 mm;
-    E40 socket.