Pure Factory Icer Washing Machine + 5 bag kit

This complete kit includes Pure Factory Icer Washing Machine, 5 kit Factory Pure extraction bags (220,185,90, 70 and 38 microns), a pyramidal bag and a digital thermometer probe allowed us easily control the water temperature in the extraction process

Kit for extraction of 3 bags of 19 liters each, 220,185,90,70 and 38 microns to help us make the most of our extraction resin in cold

Icer Washing Machine for Resin Extraction

The Icer washing machine is manufactured by Pure Factory with materials of the highest quality that allows to extract resin from Marijuana using water and ice.

The capacity of Icer is of 13 liters with a capacity of 350 grams , be their leaves or buds. If using flowers, we will be able to remove much more resin from the leaves.

Icer includes a timer that indicates the operating time and an entry of water and drainage.

Features of Icer Washing Machine:


Power: 135W, 230V, 50Hz

Includes water supply pipe and drainage system.