Flash Seeds Auto White Sirius Feminized (3 seeds)

THC: 18 %

CBD: 0.0 %

Height: 60cm to 120cm

Weight: 50g to 150g

Harvest time from planting the seed: 75 to 85 days

Medicinal Use: A + + ( Day Use )

Lowryder - Indica - Sativa %: 05.15.80

Effects: Happiness, Uncontrolled Laughter, Well-being, Motivation, and Creativity. A must for those who want to live happy everyday.

White Sirius feminized auto


The stars always give me a childlike desire to go explore. The brightest star of the sky gave me inspiration to create a variety that would someday bare its name.... One that has the potential to produce resin like crazy and look so white and bright just like that star.   Here it is, after 2 years of intensive work by repeated crosses, White Sirius came to light... An extraordinary cross between White Russian x Chem Dog x Great White Shark x Lowryder 2.

The result is simply fantastic and powerful. The plants are large, highly branched, and the buds are super coated with white resin. 

Interestingly, this variety was tested and showed to have 0% CBD. These plants are for THC lovers. Pure energy and many medical patients have found it to be very effective for muscle aches, headaches, painful periods and more.  

If you really want a true white variety, look no further.....