Flash Seeds Super Auto Amazing Cherry Feminized (3 seeds)

Cross: Strawberry Kush x Neville's Haze x Stitch0.2

Harvest from seed: 90 to 105 days

Indica 40% - Sativa 50% - Rudiralis 5%

Medicinal use: yes all day

Effects: Relaxing, Euphoric and creative

Amazing Cherry SuperAuto

was created by crossing Strawberry Kush with Neville's Haze and adding auto-flowering genetics courtesy of Stitch0.2.

It is an F1 sativa/indica hybridthat grows with the structure of an indica. It was originally going to be called Cherry 1K because of its enormous yield potential.

Amazing Cherry is a much more discreet option for growing outdoors than other SuperAuto strains because its height is only 75 - 120 cm. However the yield is certainly not less than other SuperAutos with harvests of up to 800 gr/plant being recorded. It has a nice Christmas tree structure with many side-branches on which develop multifarious bud sites.