Flash Seeds Super Auto Fruity Crystal Kush (3 seeds)

Cross: Larry OG x Stitch0.1

95% indica x 5% Rudiralis

Harvest time from seed: 90 to 100 days

Medicinal use: Yes night time

Fruity crystal kush SuperAuto

It is a cross of Hindu Kush, Larry OG Kush and Stitch 0.1 Fruity Cristal Kush is an extremely potent cannabis plant that develops rock-hard buds that are so covered in THC-crystals that they have an almost white appearance.

Growing between 120 - 200 cm. tall it can yield in excess of 400 gr/plant. It has an enticing flavour profile which includes Kush, Mango and Strawberry providing a very tasty smoke, or better still, vape. The potent effect is both physically relaxing and cerebrally psychedelic.