Flash Seeds Super Auto Bubble Hash Feminized (3 seeds)

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Cross: Hash Plant x Ak47 x Stitch0.2

Aroma: Tutti Frutti, Sweet

Size: 2-4 meters tall

Lifetime: 100/110 days

Production: 150/450 grams

Hybrid Type: F1, Sativa (55%) - Indica (40%) - Stitch0.2 (5%)

Effect: Relaxing, Well-Being, Positivity

Medicinal Use: Good for daily nighttime use. 

BUBBLE HASH SuperAuto F1 Hybrid

This plant is for homemade hash lovers! Extremely potent and fruity resin production that is perfect for making high grade hashish. The plants of this variety grow very tall, very open, and the flowers are scattered all along the branches.

It takes a little more time to finish but its production is higher.

Bubble Hash is a real hybrid of Indica x Sativa that was specifically bred for creating the finest hashish!