Flash Seeds US Auto Narnia Feminized (3 seeds)

Cross: Jack Herer x Trainwreck x Lowryder 2

Aroma: Sweet, citrus, spicy

Size: 60 to 100 cm

Life time: 80 to 90 days

Production: 50 to 70 gr per plant

Hybrid: 90% sativa - 5% indica - 5% rudiralis

Medicinal use:  anti-inflammatory,  headaches to nausea

Narnia feminized auto

Great creative strain, that will move your brain to another planet in search of amazing strories, this sativa-dominant cross of Jack Herer and Trainwreck. It has an incredibly fast onset, imbuing consumers with an amplified sense of their imaginations.

Very easy to grow and to trimmed, bery good commercial strain.