Garland Adjustable Little Drippas (4)


The Garland Adjustable Little Drippas is a gravity fed drip irrigation solution. It offers all the benefits of drip watering at a low price and easy usage. The Little Dripas are ideal for holidays. It turns most PET bottles up to 2 litres into a easy to use and affordable automatic plant watering system.


1    Take the plastic tube and connect to the plastic flow control device;
2    Take an empty water bottle, fill it with water and screw the flow control spike on to the top of the bottle. It will fit most plastic bottles up to 2 Ltr;
3    Insert the flow control spike in to the soil so that the water bottle is upside down;
4    Turning the knob on the flow control spike will adjust the flow of the water.

You will notice that air bubbles will form on the inside of the plastic bottle. This indicates that water is flowing out of the device. When the number of air bubbles becomes less, it means that the water flow is less. The minimum flow you should see is 1 bubble every 2 1/2 seconds.