Flash Seeds Auto Russian Haze Feminised (3 seeds)

THC: 19% 

CBD: 0.2% 

Height: 45cm to 120cm 

Weight: 50g to 100g 

Harvest time for the seed: 75 to 85 days 

Medicinal Use: A + (day and night) 

Lowryder - Indica - Sativa %: 10 -15 - 75 

Effects: Euphoric, Uplifting,

Russian Haze Autoflowering was created by Stitch from 2 old strains, Speedy G and White Sirius, that were crossed. In keeping with its own tradition Flash Seeds came up with a new name to reflect the improvements brought about in this cross.

Russian Haze Auto is a 75% sativa strain with 10% indica and 15% Lowryder genetics. It reaches a height of 45 - 120 cm. tall and produces up to 100 gr/plant in 75 - 85 days from germination. The buds are full of resin and are so heavy that they need to be supported if they are not to bend over drastically and possibly snap under their own weight.

This is an excellent connoisseur cannabis plant that takes a bit of know-how to get the best yields from and is not really a beginner's plant. The THC production is high at 19% with a low CBD of 0.2%. The effect is pleasurable and joyful; a truly uplifting strain that will ease away cares and produce a renewed sense of optimism.