Garden Highpro Medipro with Hygro-Thermometer

Garden Highpro Medipro with hygrothermograph
It is a small tool that can control the distance of the lighting installations. It comes with a coupled thermo-hygrometer. In this way, we can always be sure at the distance we have the plants.
Placed under the lampholder E40 and has 5 bars of 10 cm, so the set is 50 cm.

Medipro indicates the height between the top part of the plants and the bulb of the lamp, reducing the risk for the plants to get damaged for being too close to the heat generated by the bulb. Allows to maintain during all the process of development of the plants the desired distance from the lamp to improve the lighting distribution and efficiency on the cultivation surface. Modular system: height can be modified from 10 up to 50cm (4in/20in). The incorporated hygrothermo indicates the temperature and humidity at the level of the plants.