Led Microscope 45x


This LED microscope was developed with the stamp, coin, and antique collectors in mind. It is a lightweight pocket-sized microscope which is perfect for everyday use and works just as well as its full-sized counterpart. Powerful 45x times magnification allows you to see the finest details. The 2 bright LEDs can be adjusted to ideally illuminate the viewing area. This microscope requires 3 LR927 batteries, which are included.

Handy for inspecting jewelry, coins, stamps, minerals, micro mounts, plants, fibers, labels in jewelery etc. Can also be used for scientific purposes.


- Magnification: 45x;
- Illumination: 2 high capacity tled lamps;
- Batteries: 3x LR927;
- Dimensions: 3.7 x 3.6 x 1.8cm;
- Weight: 29 grams.