Tubular Heater 610mm

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Tubular heater 610mm

Special heater to heat greenhouses or small spaces, with 61 cm long and 90w power becomes an economical and safe option.

You can raise the temperature of your greenhouse so that your plants have a suitable climate wherever you grow them. If the roots of our plants fall below 16º, they become stressed and stop growing. When giving them heat, we will have a normal development of the plant, we are in the time that we are and we can harvest without problems throughout the year.

It has 90w of power, which does not consume too much light compared to a bar stove. It is not based on heating much as in a stove, but to reach a temperature and keep it when it is cold. Keep in mind that in a greenhouse it is not ventilated 24 hours a day, if it is ventilated it does not retain the same heat and can cool down.
It is ideal for closed spaces or to raise the temperature of cabinets, although if we have extractor brings some heat, does not rise much temperature.

  -Help reduce the condensation.
  -Provided with an automatic cutoff interlock for temperature for greater safety.