Mistmaker 5 Membrane Ultrasonic Humidifier Neptune Hydroponics

Complete ultrasound 5 membrane humidifier (Mist Maker) Neptune Hydroponics

The Mist Maker humidifier produces electrical oscillations at the ultrasonic frequency level. The ceramic membrane converts the electric oscillation into mechanical oscillation. This is what creates steam and water spray. These oscillations also produce negative ions that help cool the air while the steam humidifies the room.

The unit is equipped with water level, automatic disconnection and 5 new improved ceramic discs scratch and scratch proof.
Low voltage. Safe for humans and animals.

Cold steam generator. It does not need hot water.
It is very safe since it does not heat up and it avoids us problems with the temperature.

It includes:

- Spare ceramic discs to extend the service life.
- By not including deposit. You can use the one that best suits you (1. 5 or 10L ...) depending on the space you have. and so you will not have to fill it out as often and it will last longer.

The float accessory is sold separately to optimize the humidification process.

Diffusion capacity: 1600 ml / h
Input voltage: AC24V
Consumption: 4.5A
Temperature limit: + 5º C ~ + 40ºC.
Minimum level of water required: 60-80 mm.
With CE certificate.

Input voltage: 230 V
Output voltage: 24 VAC
Output current: 1.0 A
Max Power: 120 W