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Bioquant Bio Apex (Apical Cell Stretch Inhibitor) 250ml

Bioquant bio apex 250ml

Bioquant bio apex 250ml is an active apical cell stretch inhibitor. It powerfully inhibits the cell extension of the main branch and allows lateral branches to develop further. The plant then grows low and wide. The internoduli develop one after the other and the handle thickness increases. Bio Apex has no adverse consequences for the duration of cycle cell division, cell differentiation, metabolism or energy processes. With correct dosing, no adverse plant reactions have been observed.

How do you use Bioquant bio apex 250ml?

Can be used both in outdoor and indoor cultivation.

- Determine the amount of work / spray solution required and calculate the amount of BioApex required.
- Dissolve for preparation of work / spray solution: 50 ml. / 1 liter of water
- Adding a bleed is always recommended.
- Spray in covered weather or in the evening. Bioquant Apex can then be included in the leaf.
- Spray with a fine drop so that the leaf is covered, but the spray liquid does not run off the leaf.
- Bioquant BioApex cannot be mixed with plant protection products or leaf feeds.

What are the product benefits of Bioquant bio apex 250ml?
- Fast effect
- Environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals.
- User friendly