Plagron Cocos Brix

Plagron Cocos Brix (6 pieces)

Cocos Brix make the ideal substrate for growers who prefer to use a pure and natural product. Cocos Brix has a stable pH, contrary to other hydroponic substrates. The Cocos Brix are compressed coir blocks for a total of 54 liters coco substrate. The Brix have a high water retention capacity so you can give less water. Cocos Brix carries the RHP quality mark.


- Guaranteed best washed coconut substrate on the market;
- Guaranteed low EC value;
- Balanced nutrient intake;
- Easy to ship / transport;
- Contains Trichoderma for protection against malicious fungi;
- RHP approved.


Buffered cocopeat, buffered coco fibres.


Immerse 1 piece of Cocos Brix in a bucket containing 6 litres of water and regularly squeeze the brick. After 20 - 30 minutes you will have 9 litres of ready to use cocos substrate. Add nutrients each time you water and set the pH to 5.5.


Packed per 6 Cocos Brix.