Aquaking Foldable Water Container 160 liter


The water container from Aquaking is a handy foldable barrel that you can place quickly and easily anywhere and, if necessary, store it just as quickly. You receive the water container in a small cardboard package. Once unfolded, you have a robust water container with the necessary options.

The Aquaking Foldable Water Container is made of PVC tarp, UV resistant and non-toxic. The water container is equipped with a zip-off lid, which prevents dirt from entering your water and is supplied including overflow and outlet valve. With a click connector you can easily connect a garden hose.


- Foldable water barrel;
- Inlet on top of the water tank;
- Delivered with outlet valve;
- Equipped with a zip-off lid;
- Easy to transport and store;
- Set up in a few minutes;
- Green in color, discrete in every garden;
- Keeps leaves and dirt away;


- Content: 160 liters;
- Dimensions: Ø 50cm x 90cm high;
- Dimensions packed: 88 x 12 x 12cm;
- Weight: 2.25 kg.