Ghe Net Cups 7.5cm

GHE NET CUP Ø 3" (Ø 7.5 CM)

GHE net cups are of excellent quality with a wider rim for better support. Smaller mesh allows you to use virtually all types of grow media. These pots are pefect for GHE Aeroflo hydro systems, GHE Waterfarms en GHE Aerofarms. The use of net cups promote healthy roots by letting the roots grow right down through the pot into the rich nutrient solution. They are easy to clean, reusable and you can work with any kind of media, hydroponics or soil based. The comfortably sized lip along the top of these pots make them easy to grab.

Net cups allow free drainage of excess water and their open design eliminates the threat of root binding. Great for vivariums, terrariums, and propagating.


Environmentally friendly: the net cups can be reused and are made of recycled plastic.

- Diameter top: Ø8.4cm;
- Diameter hole: Ø6cm;
- Diameter bottom: Ø7.5cm;
- Height: 7cm.