Bubbleator B-Quick 7 Filter Bags Set


Bubbleator B-Quick by Pollinator is a handy innovative tool for cold extraction of resin that uses a fast clean simple method. No resin being lost in the process, extraction is maximized and results in a pure natural end product of high-quality.

Bubbleator B-Quick 7 Bag Set included accessories:

- thermometer
- 220µm pyramid bag for inside the machine (holds ~400 g dry plant material)
- 220 µm filter bag
- 185 µm filter bag
- 120 µm filter bag
- 90 µm crystal catching bag
- 70 µm crystal catching bag
- 45 µm crystal catching bag
- 25 µm crystal catching bag

You will also need a 30 cm diameter bucket, absorbent kitchen paper and 2 kg of ice cubes.

Easy to operate, you will have to freeze the raw material prior to proceeding with the extraction. For successful results, water must reach a temperature of 4 ºC (41 ºF).

Extraction procedure:

1. Fill Bubbleator with cold water and ice, mix well and check the temperature (4 °C).
2. Take the bags and put them inside one another, starting with the one with the finest filter and ending with the thickest one, and place the frozen material in (500 g maximum).
3. Insert the bags in Bubbleator for 3-8 minutes.
4. Take them out and wring excess water.
5. Separate the 1st bag, which will contain waste.
6. Separate the 2nd bag and keep the 3rd one, which will contain the resin.
7. Wrap it with blotting paper to remove moisture.
8. Place the obtained resin in the metal sieve and crush it with a spoon so that it falls on a piece of kitchen paper previously placed under the sieve.
9. Spread the resin over the paper and let it dry for at least 48 hours at room temperature.