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Agrotech C-Hellfire 1 liter


Agrotech C-Hellfire is a natural disinfectant spray that keeps insects, fungi and viruses away using encapsulated alcohol in sunflower oil emulsifier. C-Hellfire cleans and disinfects your leaves, flowers, stems, substrates (coco / soil / pebbles / rock wool) and grow room from all negative influences. After spraying your crop will be protected for 3 weeks.


- Fill your C-Hellfire bottle with water.
- Shake your C-Hellfire bottle well before use for 30 seconds.
- Fill your spray tank with C-Hellfire and start spraying.
- Spray your plants, top of the substrate and the sides of your grow room.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil emulsifier 0.75% and alcohol (ethanol) 0.25%.