Ice-o-lator Extra bag 25 micron (1 bag for 200 gr version)

25 micron (1 extra bag)

Diameter: 30 cm
Crystal catching bag

20 l/5 gal bucket reqiured

Part of the original water and ice bag system.

This bag is a great addition to your Ice-O-Lator® crystal separation set.

It collects the resin glands of intermediate size. Hence the 45 micron bag enables you to add one more degree of quality/size separation.
As a result this bag is ideal for washing plant material with overall smaller crystals (particularly outdoor).
Due to its extended mesh and the mesh-size, the 45 µm bag still drains quite quickly.
In addition it still allows most small fragments and dust to be washed away.

Tip for quick draining:
As this screen is very fine, your water will just trickle through, especially once the bottom of the bag is covered in crystals.
To speed up the process we recommend holding the bag by the cord-seam (thumb facing up) and rythmically shaking the bag up and down. This moves trichomes away from the mesh and forces water out.
Use gravity and inertia: Pull the bag up while the water is going down. Once you have found the rythm, this will considerably speed up the draining.
Beware of splashes and leave a small air-intake opening at the top of the bag.