Secret Jardin Cosmorrow Led Growing 20w 50cm

Secret Jardin Cosmorrow® Led 20w 24V L50Cm GROWING

The Cosmorrow® LED 6500 K is perfect for vegetative, propagation and growing. They can be as close as you want from the plants, but we usually advise to keep 15 cm distance in order to not have to move them too often.

Weight : 0.16kg
Dimensions : 470mm x 32mm x 14.5mm
Power : Consumption : 20 W
Voltage : 24 V
Current : 0.83 A
Color : Line 1 : 6500 K
 Line 2 : 6500 K
 Line 3 : 6500 K
PE [350-1000] : Laboratory* : 44 µmol/s
  Laboratory : 2.2 µmol/s/w
Environment Class : IP65

Working T° : 0°C to 40°C
Storing T° : -20°C to 60°C

24V Plug : IEC 60130-10 OD5.5 ID2.1 L10
Life Time  Working : 50 000 hours
 20% loss : 30 000 hours

Cosmorrow Power Supply 1x20W or 2x20W

The Cosmorrow® includes everything you need to assemble one or more Cosmorrow® LED. Thanks to the DC 2.1×5.5mm plug, supply your LED with an IP65 connection. Our new clip system is now easier to setup, stiffer, and keeps your LED firmly in place.

Use those fixtures with a Cosmorrow® LED to enjoy the strongest and most compact LED system of the market !