Davin DV 11 T Fancontroller +Thermostat

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The Davin DV-11T fancontroller with thermostat is designed to keep the temperature in your greenhouse or any kind of room, under control. With the DV-11T you set the desired temperature, and connect the extractor fan to it. You then set the minimum and maximum speed of your motor so it never runs faster or slower then desired.

The thermal fuse ensures that the DV-11T switches off with a short-circuit or overloading. The advantage of the thermal fuse is that when the problem has been fixed you only need to press the "reset" button and the DV-11T starts working again.


-    Dimensions: 110 x 210 x 70 mm;
-    Working voltage: 230 Vac/50 Hz;
-    Maximum power 6 Amp/1350 Watt;
-    Thermally secured;
-    Insulation level IP44;
-    With temperature setting - thermostat;
-    Min/max adjustable;