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Cannacopia Seeds BC Roadkill (10 seeds)


BC Roadkill

Indoor / Greenhouse / Outdoor
BC Roadkill Skunk X Deep Chunk indica.
The mother of this hybrid is our own proprietary clone, and in our hearts is as legendary as any of the others in our collection. Simply put, this is the stinkiest herb in any of gardens, rivalling even the UK cheese. The flowers exude an intense Skunk odour with astringent/citrus undertones. The Hybrid with Deep Chunk The smoke is thick and full flavoured, and the effect is an intense “stone”; narcotic and somewhat trance inducing, yet always enjoyable. The yield is above average (325-450 g/ sq m).

Flowering 8 weeks.
Outdoors/greenhouse: 1/4 lb per plant easily by late September.

Cannacopia Seeds Genius x Deep Chunk (10 seeds)


Genius X Deep Chunk

Genius, mother to the Apollo 11 seed line by the now defunct Brother’s Grimm Seed Co., mated with our chosen Deep Chunk indicas. The resulting seeds produce flowers that retain the classic appearance and flavour of the mother, yet are vastly improved in terms of stature and growth characteristics. The Genius was floppy and in need of staking for support, but this generation of seed is more upright and self-supporting.
Yield is above average (325-400 g/ sq m)
Recommended for indoors
Outdoors in Southern or more equatorial climates.

Flowering: 8-9 weeks.

Cannacopia Seeds Chunk D (10 seeds)


Chunk D

Indoor / Outdoor
We have used the original Sour Diesel clone in producing this hybrid seed with our highly select Deep Chunk indica's. The mother Sour Diesel was named High Times plant of the year in 2005, and she is truly some of the finest, dankest weed going. Serious smell control is recommended, but well worth the effort. She has a soaring up high with a surreal head space, which is extremely satisfying. We are pleased to offer you this excellent Sour Diesel hybrid, as we are sure she will set the standard for Sour Diesel seed lines to aspire to. Yield is average (250-350 g/sq m)

Indoor flowering period: 9-10 weeks.
Outdoors harvest late October.

Cannacopia Seeds Chocolate (10 seeds)


Indoor / Outdoor
‘Chocolate Trip’ is a very rare variety created by the now defunct Dutch Flowers seed company; we have crossed her to our Deep Chunk indica's in producing the Chocolate. The Chocolate Trip was touted as the ultimate combination of ‘cerebral’ and ‘body’ effect in a huge yielding variety. We didn’t find as much ‘up’ effect as was advertised, but the high is very pleasant with this clone as the effect is meditative and clear. In our minds she’s more than made up for it with her lovely piney/chocolate aroma and plump yield of golden almost amber nuggets. The resulting hybrid seed generation produced plants with a more upright stature suited to support the large, dense floral clusters. Yield is large (375-450 g/ sq m)

Indoor flowering 8-9 weeks.
Harvest outdoors or in greenhouses mid-October.

Cannacopia Seeds Chunky Cheese (10 seeds)


Chunky Cheese

Indoor / Outdoor
These seeds were created using the original Cheese clone, the now famous elite cutting discovered in a pack of Skunk #1 seeds by UK grower, and shared via the British cultural underground. She has recently made her way around the world and is now grown from Amsterdam to London to LA. This is the original Cheese clone mother mated with our proven Deep Chunk indica males to improve the yield and stature. The resulting plants have a more upright phenotype and stronger stems than the clone mother, which is needed to support the increased yield in this hybrid generation.
Yield is above average (350-450 g/ sq m)

Indoor flowering 8 weeks
Harvest Outdoors/greenhouse mid-October.

Cannacopia Seeds Krush x Deep Chunk (10 seeds)

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Krush X Deep Chunk

Indoor / Greenhouse
Krush, a popular BC sativa sold only as medicinal grade cannabis via a medical club in Vancouver, BC. The Krush is a truly unique sativa the scent is both exotic and sweet, and leaves an unmistakable aroma of sandalwood incense in the air and flavour on the palate. This cutting was donated to us via a registered patient at the club, who wanted seeds for future use, but wanted something with a bigger yield in less time. We mated the Krush with our chosen Deep Chunk indica's; the resulting seeds are a true representation of an almost perfect 50/50 sativa/indica hybrid. Although the yield is average indoors (200-250 g/sq m), the unique quality makes the effort worthwhile. The outdoor yield is substantial for those who are able to grow full sized plants to maturity. The plants take from 10-12 weeks to mature completely .

Indoor flowering 10 to 12 weeks.
Mature in greenhouses into November.
Only recommended outdoors for those in equatorial and sub-tropical climates.

Cannacopia Seeds Lapis Mountain Indica (10 seeds)


Lapis Mountain Indica

Indoor / Outdoor
This is a hybrid of two pure Afghan populations. The ‘Pure Afghan’ seeds were obtained by a private contractor while doing soils research in Afghanistan. The seeds were collected directly from a hashish farmer, and smuggled back for us to look through. We found the plants to be relatively stable, but we wanted a slightly earlier selection so we crossed the best females with our select Deep Chunk pollen, to add some genetic diversity and western improved characteristics, all the while keeping the line true to its afghan heritage. The flavour from these plants is unmistakably classic Afghan, with a slightly increased yield over the ‘Pure Afghan’ inbred line. Our selected mothers produced some of the nicest black hashish we’ve ever made, reminiscent of the finest Afghani black hash of the early 70’s. When asked about the specific region, all our friend could tell us that the seeds came from a small village close to what his company deemed the largest untapped Lapis deposit in the country, thus the name Lapis Mountain Indica. Yield is average (300-400 g/ sq m).

Indoor flowering: 8-9 Weeks
Harvest outdoors mid-October.