Twenty years of travelling the world in search of the grail, from the mountains of Jamaica and Colombia in the New World to Pakistan, India and Thailand. Meticulous selections from more than one hundred varieties and careful progeny testings have culminated in magnificent examples that bring us the gamut of the sublime.The mayority of the varieties we carry are from original landrace stock, cultivated in their respective lands for generations and brought back by ourselves and our friends who have travelled to those far away places in search of cannabis seeds with the purpose of safeguarding them for posterity.

Cannabiogen Seeds Leshaze regular (5 seeds)

Type: Sativa

Flower: 60-70 days

Outdoor: Mid October

Yield: 250-400 grams/m2 

Cannabiogen Seeds Caribe regular (5 seeds)

Type: Sativa

Flower: 65/70 days.

Outdoors:End of Sept/Early October

Yield: 250-375 grams/m2. 


Cannabiogen Seeds Destroyer regular (5 seeds)

Type: Sativa 100%

Vegetative period: Minimum 30 days for high performance

Flowering: 60/75 days.

Outdoors: Early November.

Yield: 200-300 gr/m2


Cannabiogen Seeds Sugarloaf regular (10 seeds)

Type: Indica/Sativa 50%

Flower: 55/65  days

Outdoors: End of Sept/Early October. 

Yield: 300-450 grams/m2. 


Cannabiogen Seeds Taskenti regular (10 seeds)

Type: Indica 100%

Vegetative period: Minimum 30 days for high performance.

Flowering: 55/65 days

Outdoors: Middle October

Yield: 350-400 gr/m2


Cannabiogen Seeds Sandstorm regular (10 seeds)

Type: Indica 100%

Flower: 55/65 days

Outdoor: Octubre. 

Yield: 250-400 grams/m2 


Cannabiogen Seeds Peyote Purple Regular (10 seeds)


Bank: CannaBioGen
Type: Indica Bubba Kush
Flowering: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Average

Cannabiogen Seeds Pakistan Chitral Kush Regular (10 seeds)

Bank: CannaBioGen
Type: Pure Indica Pakistan
Flowering : 8-9 weeks
Yield : Average


Cannabiogen Seeds Panama D.C. Regular (5 seeds)

Bank: CannaBioGen
Regular Seeds

Sativa: sativa-indica Panama x Deep Chunk
Yield: Medium
Flowering: 8-9 weeks

Cannabiogen Seeds Jarilla Regular (10 seeds)

Mexico - JARILLA Sinaloa x10

Bank: CannaBioGen
Type sativa: Jarilla from Sinaloa
Yield: average
Flowering 12-14 weeks


Cannabiogen Seeds Mangobiche Regular (10 seeds)

Bank: CannaBioGen
Type: sativa
Flowering: 16-24 weeks
Yiedl: medium/high