Sensi Seeds Jamaican Pearl ( 10 seeds)

Die jamaikanische Marley's Collie® hat während des High Life Cup 1999 viele in Erstaunen gesetzt und gewann dann auch den Super Cup.
Die Preisrichter konnten den Sativa-Geschmack und charakteristischen High dieser Pflanzen in hohem Maße schätzen. Dieselbe Mutter wurde gebraucht, um aus der Jamaican und unserer besten Early Pearl® diese süße Außenhybride zu kreieren.
Daß diese Sorte früh blüht, einen wundervoll süßen Geschmack hat und fast immun gegen Schimmel ist, sind nur einige der besonderen Eigenschaften dieser neuen Außenvarietät.
Finishing: October 1. Height: 200-300 cm. Yield: up to 400 gr.

A real innovation in cannabis breeding – Caribbean ganja adapted for the European climate! Jamaican Pearl is a sweetly potent outdoor Sativa whose presence will bring a taste of the South Seas to any garden and can even make the northern latitudes seem a touch more tropical.

Jamaica is home to Sativas of astounding quality and potency, selectively bred for countless generations, so it seems strange that Caribbean genotypes are relatively rare in modern breeding. The enthusiasm which greeted Marley's Collie showed Sensi Seeds that growers everywhere are keen to sample the delights of genuine sinse. The years of breeding work behind our Collie strain had produced some very interesting possibilities involving Jamaican gene-stock, the most promising of which was the project to develop a hybrid with dominant Jamaican qualities that could succeed in the northern summer,

Starting with the exquisite female parent of Marley’s Collie, the perfect pollen donor was found in our favourite Early Pearl male. Known for producing tough, fast-flowering offspring, this sweet Sativa was also less likely to dilute the Jamaican’s breezy cerebral high or interfere with her tropical flavours. As with Marley's Collie, the new f1 crossing impressed Sensi’s breeders straight away. Test-grows produced consistent, powerful plants with a rapid mostly-Sativa growth pattern and the desired combination of weight, flavour and potency. Jamaican Pearl was added the Sensi Seed Bank collection and has quickly become one of our most popular outdoor strains.

As a plant that can flourish in the European summer, Jamaican Pearl can therefore perform brilliantly in almost any climate or situation. Indoor growers who may be put off by the higher prices of tropical strains should consider adding this variety to their room. When treated like any other indoor Sativa, Jamaican Pearl will give fantastic results under lights.