* Systèmes d éclairage

Nous proposons seulement des systèmes d'éclairage de haute qualité et aucune imitation bon marché. Les lampes que nous commercialisons sont les plus couramment utilisées par les cultivateurs hollandais.

Toutes les ballasts que nous vendons sont "duo" ce qui signifie que vous pouvez les utiliser pour les ampoules HPS et MH

Which grow light to choose and why from our range?

Magnetic HPS grow light: The classic, cheap and reliable. Must be combined for safety with a relay box.

Digital HPS grow light: The modern version of the classic, adjustable in different wattages, fireproof, cool on touch and efficient.
Our recommendation for every beginner, for a small additional charge you have a premium grow light.

400 Volt Digital HPS grow light: If you are looking for the best among the digital ballasts, take the 400 volt version.
About 10% more economical in consumption and 10% more light.

315 watt CMH Grow Light: A very efficient grow light that delivers above average performance with a low wattage. Also ideal as additional lighting.

LED Grow Light: A good LED light can produce a very wide spectrum of light with a lower electricity consumption. Which makes them work the most efficiently of all grow lights. More expensive to purchase but also produces less heat. If you want the best in terms of lighting technology, you will opt for an LED lamp.

Of course whatever grow light you choose, you can achieve a good result with every system. Depending on your needs, one grow light will be more suitable than the other.