Kc Brains Leda Uno

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Leda Uno Sativa/Indica; Highlife Cup Winner 1997-1998 (indoor/outdoor)

LEDA UNO is our prize winning strain that can be used for indoor and outdoor growing. The parents of this strain are KC 33 and a secret Brazilian female, after that it was crossed with a KC 606 early flowering male crossed with Leda. A superior plant with lemon characteristics.

Inside flowering 6-9 weeks,
height Apr. 120 cm, yield up to 125 gram

Outside flowering 8-10 weeks,
height 2.5-3.9 m, yield up to 800 gram.
harvest end of September.

K.C. Brains Leda Uno®  is one of the most powerful marijuana strains. She is a stable hybrid of a K.C. 33® and a female Brazilian. This superb cross combination makes her ideal for both indoor and outdoor growing.
Being sativa dominated, Leda Uno® behaves like a typical sativa. Her seeds produce a tall thin plant with narrow light green leaves and chunky thick buds. Her average size can reach up to 3 m when grown outside; however, inside varieties of this marijuana will keep their height under control and won’t stretch taller than 150 cm. It takes Leda Uno® sativa a bit longer to grow and mature; she also requires more light. Medicine produced from this cannabis lower CBD and higher THC counts which produces a more clear headed, energetic type of high.
The flowering stage is relatively short and lasts only 8 to 10 weeks outside, whilst indoor remains from 6 to 8 weeks indoor. K.C. Brains cannabis seeds are thoroughly selected and can guarantee almost 80% of germination. This marijuana variety is very resistant to pests.

When flowering, Leda Uno® will smell beautifully, but will not stink you out of your home. After her buds reach their maturing stage, they will start spreading a more intense and incredibly pleasant lemon aroma which will also remain in her dried product. Leda Uno® is a really great yielder, she produces as much as 800 gr. of a quality product per plant when grown outside, inside yield will make as high as 150 gr. per plant. The dried product is very easy to keep and has a long shelf life.