Timer Omnirex 3500w max ( type E Plug)

In the netherlands we don't use a pin in our contacts. If your living in a country that uses a pin like belgium, france,..

Take this omnirex.


The Legrand Omnirex is an analog 24-hour timer, it is ideal for switching electrical apliances on or off like for example lighting or pumps at a user defined time. The timer has a programmable interval of 15 minutes.


-    Manuel switch ON - Auto;
-    With 2P+T plug and 10/16 A socket base and 16 A socket;
-    With child protection;
-    Override/manual switch;
-    Mains hold accuracy;
-    Synchronous motor, 230 V, 50 Hz;
-    1 contact NO 250 V/50 Hz, 16 A µ cos phi = 1;
-    German standard;
-    With child protection;
-    Switching step 15 min;
-    Mini switching time 15 min;
-    Switching accuracy ± 5 min;
-    2 Years warranty.