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Autoflowering marijuana seeds produce plants that begin their flowering at a certain age regardless of the light hours received, meaning they can be harvested following the  schedule of the grower. This has been achieved by selective crossing with the cannabis strain Ruderalis. These varieties give you the chance to harvest on the date that you choose.

How is auto-flowering marijuana different from other marijuana?

Historically, cannabis was cultivated during the normal planting period, as it is a seasonal plant that regulates its vegetative development by photoperiod, meaning that the number of hours of light that the plants receive was vital to the start of flowering.

However, in latitudes where summers are short but with very long days - in some cases more than 20 hours of light a day - cannabis evolved to carry out its entire biological cycle irrespective of photoperiod, since otherwise, the 20 hours of light a day would have kept the plant in a vegetative state with no opportunity of flowering.
The origin of autoflowering marijuana seeds

Cannabis Ruderalis is originally from Central Russia, with the ability to bloom at a certain age irrespective of photoperiod, an amazing feature that allows it to bloom outside of conventional growing seasons. Although Ruderalis is not a large producer of resin, its autoflowering character is a genetic trait that is an interesting addition to present cannabis varieties so as to to be able to modulate the date of the harvest for the benefit of the cultivator.

The first Autos were not very popular because of their small size and low potency, but the potential offered by the Ruderalis strain was recognised by breeders who crossed it with conventional strains, to develop a strain which allowed you to choose the, the hours of light, temperature during flowering period, and harvest date, therefore maximizing favourable conditions and giving  buds of a much higher quality.
Types of autoflowering marijuana

Although some autoflowering seeds are classified as ‘outdoor marijuana’, we must not forget that the this classification depends on the climate of the area where they are to be grown, and that no one type of seeds is suitable for all areas, due to the differences in climate. For example, in Spain all varieties can be grown outdoors, but in Holland or Switzerland, only the quickest genetics would qualify for this category.

Whilst some seeds are classified as interior autoflowering seeds, meaning that they can not be grown outdoors in certain cold areas of the planet, all varieties of cannabis can be grown indoors with more or less ease.

Amongst the huge selection on the market, it is easy to find many cheap autoflowering seeds, but given the exhaustive work needed to achieve automatic flowering in a desired variety, it is advisable to only purchase these seeds from specialized seed banks, whose years of experience give a guarantee you can rely on.

The first automatics on the market had low rates of resin production, but many generations of crosses and selection later, production and the power have been improved to impressive levels, giving autoflowering qualities, whilst maintaining high levels of cannabinoids and terpenoids in the resin, culminating in jewels like Gnomo Auto, the auto version of our Mataró Blue, a super stable strain of great quality that guarantees the finest autoflowering results for all that grow her.


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