No Mercy Supply Grow Sensation 1 liter

Striving for perfection is a near impossible task. Nevertheless by creating our new grow booster Grow Sensation we have realised a relevant step towards that improbable goal. In the different stages of their growth cycle plants require different nutrients. The problem we had to solve is that it's impossible to mix many of those nutrients into a standard grow nutrition. We sought out the assistance of one of the most respected nutritional companies in our search for a grow booster that does contain all of those nutrients. And we have succeeded… even more than we anticipated!

We were pleasantly surprised to find out how much a good grow booster could add. At the same time this complete and 100% natural grow booster has allowed No Mercy Supply to stay on the same track we follow with all of our nutritions. Grow Sensation is a must for every serious and smart gardener!
Dosage: 50 ml to 100 l during the first 4 weeks. Add Grow Sensation to the water and adjust EC with your regular nutrient. Then adjust pH to 5.9-6.1. In hydropnic systems pH values should be a little lower. Because Grow Sensation is a natural product, the composition can vary slightly depending on batch and season.