Female Seeds Outdoor


Female Seeds outdoor strains have been growing in gardens for many years and have become old classics that u can count on for an early outdoor harvest.

Female Seeds started with the release of Maroc and Easy sativa more then 10 years ago. It was a great succes. Some years later the Purple Maroc and Outdoor Grapefruit were added to the collection.

If your looking for solid outdoor performers, u can't go wrong with these, year after year making people happy with the results.

Female Seeds Outdoor Grapefruit

Genetic lineage: Easy Sativa x Grapefruit
Height:Outdoor: 200-250 cm
Yield: Outdoor: 500-700 g/plant
Taste/smell: Grapefruit smell and fruity/pine taste
Effect: Coming up slow but steady, clear energetic high with a mild body stone

Female Seeds Easy Sativa

Genetic lineage: Sativa
Indoor: 7-8 weeks
Height:Indoor: 150 cm | Outdoor: 150-300 cm
Yield: Indoor: 300-450 g/m² | Outdoor: 400-700 g/plant
Taste/smell: A herbal odour with hints of mint, pine and citrus. The taste is sweet like honey with a spicey touch.
Effect: A longlasting cerebral high that is uplifting and inspiring

Female Seeds Maroc

Genetic lineage: Pure Cultivar Ketama x Auto NL
Indoor: 7-9 weeks
Height:Indoor: 120-150 cm | Outdoor: 150-300 cm
Yield: Indoor: 300-450 g/m² | Outdoor: 400-700 gr/plant
Taste/smell: Earthy-floral taste with hints of ketama (depending on the soil type).
Effect: An easy-going smoke that goes together with a euphoric and subtle high.

Female Seeds Purple Maroc

Genetic lineage: Purple Power x Maroc
Indoor: 8-9 weeks
Height:Outdoor: 200-300 cm (The Netherlands)
Yield: Outdoor: 200-300 g/plant (The Netherlands)
Taste/smell: Fruity, citric smell and diesel, purple taste
Effect: More Sativa; an activating and stimulating head high

Female Seeds Red Purps

Genetic lineage: The Purps x Ice
Indoor: 7-8 weeks
Height: Indoor 40-80 cm | Outdoor: 100-150 cm
Yield: Indoor: 350-400 g/m² | Outdoor: 100-150 gr/plant
Taste/smell: Candy, licorice and grapes taste, flowery, fruity and diesel smell
Effect: Strong and motivating. More of a Sativa high

Female Seeds Critical Sour

Genetic lineage: (Maroc x Grapefruit) x (Auto NL x Auto NL x Auto Critical)
Indoor flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor harvest: Yes.
Height: Indoor: 80-140 cm | Outdoor: 100-250 cm
Yield: Indoor: 300-450 g/m² | Outdoor: 180-250 g/plant
Taste / Smell: fruity, earthy and spicy
Effect: very balanced between an instant body relax with subtle, happy and uplifting cerebral high

Female Seeds Purple Power

Flowering periode : 7 weeks
Yield  : Fast, maximum
Harvest outdoors: Half- end September (Holland)
Stability: 40%
Seedtype: Feminised


Female Seeds Cbd Terra Italia (4 seeds)

Genetic lineage: Compolti x Lemon Kush
Outdoor: YES.
Height: Outdoor: 300-400 cm
Yield: Outdoor: 1500-3000 g/plant
Taste/smell: Intense hints of musk, herbs and citrus and lavender
Effect: Powerful, yet balanced stone/high