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The Blazing Pistileros Mau-Mau (10 seeds)

mau mau is an homage we wanted to give to an amazing UK street/Graf artist, we really love his eco stance and wanted to do a lil something for him, we used a blockhead indy dom and crossed it to a male killa queen F6 from our own stock, the result is some amazing crystal covered buds that turns golden once ready to be picked ! we sent some buds to mau-mau to have is approval, since he loved the weed so much he decided to design the seed pack, praising peter tosh old LP legalize it, we are really touched by this ....enjoy dem mau-mau seeds as much as we do . mau mau is very easy to grow, not ferts sensitives, harvest will depends on your growing skills but 35gr is easily achievable in less than 60 days of flowering using a 400w hid, we mostly grow soil & organics. and encourage you to do the same if you want to bring the best taste to your herbs. we just got result from the labs, they used a mass specrometer - gas chromatograph and the mau mau came out at CBD:0,5% THC:16.4%

The Blazing Pistileros Toxic Blue (10 seeds)


what can we say about toxic blue except it is some great herbs ! toxic blue was bred a long time ago by motarebel he used a beautiful blue kronic lady and pollenated with a super sticky killian stud, what ya get is some heavy meds that will give you the warm fuzzy hug from the inside, super frosty sparkle like a field of diamonds !, 3 phenotype to look after a blue/purple, a diesel dominant, a skunky/indica. not much stretch on these ladies maybe 1.5X, minimum yield is a good 30grs, we mostly grow soil & organics and get our plants ready in 60 to 65 days depending on how you like your trichs !

The Blazing Pistileros BlackTooth (10 seeds)

we would like to thanks krip keeper for working hard and creating that beautiful herb...thanks bro.................the lineage of blacktooth is made of a female black domina (ortega pheno) X breeder steve red grapefruit/Dj old blueberry daddy.............expect some nice size nugs covered in frost. very similar in shape, great for sea of green. some fruity weed with a nice punch, ideal flowering time would be 65 days, but can be picked around 55 days if needed. blacktooth is a sturdy plant that will stretch 1.5X to 2X in flowering, minimum yield on this lady is a good 25grs. you don t need to go light on the ferts, blacktooth love a good meal ! we use organic and soil and encourage you to do the same to bring your herbs to the best flavor available.

The Blazing Pistileros Grendel (10 seeds)

this is some delicious & potent smoke beware ! we used a 1988 G13/hashplant from our bro nDn (thanks bro) and crossed it to kaya triple proof blue moonshine, what you get is some powerful smoke with a bubblegum/blueberry muffin taste and a nice yield, a true winner !! the bud pictured was grown under Cfl light and we achieved a very nice yield. grendel will stretch 1.5X to 2X in flowering, not ferts sensitives, minimum yield is a good 25 to 30grs, harvest timeframe is between 60 to 70 days depending on pheno chosen. .................we just got result from the labs, they used a mass specrometer - gas chromatograph and the grendel came out at : CBD : 0.1% THC : 13,7% with a very special cannabinoides profil 10 seeds per pack

The Blazing Pistileros Humboltistan (10 seeds)

this is an afghani IBL, that we got from California, been growing for the past 40 years in humboldt.
2 phenotypes to be found, regular afghani christmas tree & the blue afghani (purple and blue hue on the leafs).
not loaded in crystal like the modern hybrids, but old school pot flavour to the max.
55 days flowering.

The Blazing Pistileros Maramota 10

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Maramota #10 :
this is the homage to the argentinian superstar. we used a selected blueberry from Dj short stock and crossed it with 1988 G13/HP male from our good friend ndnguy.
the result is some heavy buds fully flavoured, the G13/HP dad helps in the punch dept, good for night time medication, this plant is 65 days flowering and with a high yield of premium buds. 

The Blazing Pistileros Affie Bubba (10 seeds)

we used the pre 1998 bubba kush clone only and pollenated it with a 1970 humboldtistan male, the bubba kush needs no introduction, but the humboldtistan do. this strain was recover from afghanistan 40+ years ago and acclimatized and grown in Humboldt california for the past 40 years, we got this from one of the most reliable breeder in the market. christmas tree shape, will double size in flowering, 65 days strain, loads of crystal and that coffee smell/taste from the bubba clone

The Blazing Pistileros Krakatoa (10 seeds)


FEATURED IN THE NEW CANNABIS SATIVA VOL2 BY GREEN CANDY PRESS (release march2013)......................... we took a nice female fruit loop haze from our brother krip keeper stock and crossed it with our beautiful Mau-Mau dad, the result is mouth watering, krakatoa flowers in only 9 weeks, with an average/good yield with AA grade quality smoke. the smoke is very fruity (grapefruit/mango/lemon), once dried and properly cured, krakatoa will soon become your favorite jar to choose from . excellent plant for SOG setup, minimal stretch at flowering. 10 seeds per pack.

Motarebel Seeds Double Koosh (10 seeds)


This is an F2 of Redneck Koosh( pre-98 Bubba Kush x G-13/HP),we selected Bubba dominant parents to create "Double.Koosh".Very easy to grow and clone, not fertilisers sensitives, can handle a large amounts of food in soil or hydroponics. A very relaxing body stone goes along with the hashy kush flavor, a hint of lemon in there too. All in all this is one of the best crosses we have done in a while.double koosh is not a big yielder but quality is top notch. we grow organics and soil and encourage you to do the same to bring out the best aroma of your herbs. "motarebel".

Motarebel Seeds Gryphon (10 seeds)

gryphon is our 1988 Ghash mother crossed to a lemon thai male from EGSC, The G-13 Hash plant mother has been a mainstay for us,great structure and powerful stone. Gryphon maintains that structure,the Lemon thai male adds some vigor and a powerful sativa stone. The male Lemon thai is from Dutchflowers via EGSC, it has a Hawaiian heritage. The smoke is like Lemon Larry with a diesel kick,very strong and balanced stone. Easy to grow and clone,needs a little extra Nitrogen the first few weeks of flowering or teh gryphon will easily go yellow on you. Otherwise gryphon is an all around plant, very easy to grow Scrog style when you don t have enough heights to grow trees . she responds well to any type of culture, we mostly grow soil using organics and encourage you to do the same in a effort to bring the best aroma to your meds.

Motarebel Seeds Lemon Thai F3 (10 seeds)

Lemon thai was originally offered to the public by Dutch Flowers,they claim it's a Hawaiian indica/sativa mix. These are F3's using an indica dom female with a sativa dom male. You will get a range of phenos to pick your keeper.A fast grower and an easy cloner even though this thai has a slight autoflowering gene. It is by far the best Dutch Flowers offering i have run,excellent stone with a good harvest of sweet lemon smoke. mota.