Mandala Seeds Regular

Mandala Seeds Deluxe Kalichakra (10 seeds)

Type: mostly sativa
Genetics: South India; S.E. Asia
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC: 17-19%
High: Very pleasant and smooth sativa high with no negative side effects, mood-enhancing to euphoric, sensual and stimulating. Great for active recreation or relaxation.
Aroma: Fruity, minty-sweet.
Medical use: Medical-grade marijuana for a broad spectrum of medical use. Assists against depression and lethargy.

Mandala Seeds Deluxe Satori (10 seeds)

HIGH TIMES "Strain of the Year" 2007

Type: sativa-indica
Genetics: Nepal
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC: 23-28%
High: A clear, cerebral high and strong potency sets in quickly; it supports concentration & creativity; very inspiring and stimulating. Ideal for writers, artists, musicians, or other creative people. Recommended for experienced smokers and if you have a high THC tolerance. Persons not used to highly psychoactive sativas should be cautious with the dosage.
Aroma: Spicy, fruity, pungent, earthy.
Medical use: Satori shows her therapeutic potential in relieving depression and anxiety; relieves symptoms of sensory motor neurologic disorders such as restless leg syndrome (RLS). Overall excellent medical-grade marijuana for a variety of uses.


Mandala Seeds Safari Mix (20 seeds)

Type: indica and sativa hybrids
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor
Flowering time: 62-75 days/September- end of October
Yield: 400-550 gr/m2 (dry weight)
High: from cerebral, “up” high to stimulating and deep relaxation, the full spectrum of positive vibrations can be experienced.

Mandala Seeds Deluxe Hashberry (10 seeds)

Type: mostly indica
Genetics: North India (Kashmir)
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC: 18.5%, CBD: 0,35%
High: The classic chill-out weed. An expansive indica stone with a powerful high that sets in with the first lungfull of smoke. The buzz is first light headed and very balanced before switching to a stronger narcotic phase towards the end of your flight.
Aroma: Fruity-berry, blackcurrant jam, hashy.
Medical use: Hashberry shows medical potential against anxiety and sleep disorders; it can provide calming effects for moderate pain relief (may not aid against severe pain). Popular strain for cooking and baking and a favourite among caregivers for a wide variety of medical uses.

Mandala Seeds Deluxe Mandala 1 (10 seeds)

Type: sativa-indica
Genetics: S.African highland Sativa x NZ Purple Indica & N.Indian Sativa
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC: 18-21%, CBD: 0,2%, CBG: 1,0%
High: An up-high that spreads in waves; euphoric; creative; can also be spacey and dreamy at the start.
Aroma: Properly cured buds have a natural sweet fragrance like dried apples. Purple plants spread a delicious raspberry fragrance, with a touch of minty freshness
Medical use: Mandala #1 can benefit with its anti-anxiety & anti-depressive effect. It has up to 1% CBG which is beneficial for treating glaucoma, as a sleep aid, and for anti-microbial use. This strain can be applied for a variety of other medical uses as well due to its exceptional quality.

Mandala Seeds Deluxe 8 Miles High (10 seeds)

Type: sativa-indica
Genetics: Africa; North India
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC: 23%
High: A sativa-dominant high; uplifting; alert & fiery-energetic; thought provoking; trippy visuals; creative.
Aroma: A sweet-fruity melange of strawberry and melon; hash-candy; piney; minty.
Medical use: Good potential against lethargy & depression; stimulates appetite.

Mandala Seeds Deluxe Ganesh (10 seeds)

Type: indica-sativa
Genetics: Yamuna x Afghan (Uttarkhand, N. India; Afghanistan)
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC: 20-23%
High: A potent, laid back, sativa-dominant high; sensual; body relaxation.
Aroma: Skunky-pungent, sweet, earthy, chocolate.
Medical use: This strain shows potential against depression & anxiety. Preliminary reports show that it can be used as a muscle relaxant.

Mandala Seeds Deluxe Point of No Return (10 seeds)

Type: indica/sativa
Genetics: Afghanistan; Mexico
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC: 15,5%, CBD: 0,5%
High: Predominantly knockout medical-grade indica stone; couch lock; body relaxation.
Aroma: Peppermint; sweet; fruity-berry; maracuja.
Medical use: Deep and long lasting medical effects; suitable for pain relief, reducing MS related spasms, hyperactivity & nervousness, anxiety, stress related symptoms, sleep disorders, menstrual cramps, muscle relaxant.

Mandala Seeds Deluxe Beyond the Brain (10 seeds)

Type: mostly sativa
Genetics: Columbian Sativa/Haze x Satori P1 (parent line)
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC: 23-25%
High: Crystal-clear cerebral high; expansive; active and social; energizing; transcendental. Especially valuable for creative and spiritually orientated persons and nature lovers.
Aroma: Minty (sweet), thyme, some spice.
Medical use: Excellent medical-grade marijuana for broad spectrum use. Great for experiencing a very clear, functional, motivational high with long-lasting potency along with the medical benefits.

Mandala Seeds Deluxe Chill-Om (10 seeds)

Contains landrace genetics from:Colombia; South East Asia
High:A balanced, upbeat sativa high; pleasure enhancing; social and good for laughs; laid-back.
Aroma:Herbal (rosemary), frankincense, sage, minty-sweet,
Medical use:Broad spectrum use; good potential against lethargy and depression.

Mandala Seeds Deluxe Krystalica (10 seeds)

HIGH TIMES "Strain of the Year" 2011

Type:75% sativa
Contains landrace genetics from:Kerala, South India; Nepal
High:A "smooth" but potent sativa-dominant high; helps to relax but keeps you awake at the same time; good for ideas and creativity; suitable for persons with a high THC tolerance. Can facilitate a refreshing sleep at nighttime.
Aroma:Fruity-sweet (pineapple bubblegum or strawberry), herbal, earthy-musky.
Medical use:Excellent medical-grade marijuana.

Mandala Seeds Deluxe Rishi Kush (10 seeds)

Type: indica-sativa
Genetics: North India; Hindu Kush
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC: 14-17,5%, CBD: 0,15%, CBG: 0,60%
High: Very pleasant and balanced high, clear-headed, body relaxation, soothing/calming, meditative, not prone to negative side-effects (like paranoia, racy heart, headache).
Aroma: Fruity, minty, tangy lemon.
Medical use: Broad spectrum use. Medical potential for stress relief, anti-anxiety, fatigue or burn-out, body aches, sleep aid, appetite stimulant, treatment for glaucoma.


Mandala Seeds Deluxe Fast N' Glorious (10 seeds)

Type: mainly sativa
Genetics: Early Mandala #1 x South African Highland
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC: 18.5-21%; CBD 0,1%; CBG 1%
High: Uplifting, clear, creative, focused, happy.
Aroma: Minty, herbal, fruity.
Medical use: For depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress, migraine, nausea and other uses.