Ice-o-lator Medium 50 cm 500 Gram

Medium Ice-O-Lator® 2 Bag Set

Bag diameter: 50 cm
Working bag (185m) holds ~500 g dry plant material

75 l/20 gal bucket required (not included)

This is the Medium edition of our complete Ice-O-Lator® system, suitable for up to 500 grams of dried plant material.
The set includes a 220 and 70 micron screen bag.

As a result this equipment will give you a maximum two degrees of quality/crystal size separation of your end product.

With this set you can collect both resin glands of bigger sizes (70 μm).
If you leave out the 70 µm bag, draining will take too long and small dust mixes with large crystals. Leaving out the 45 or 25 µm bag means you throw away all your small crystals with the water.
Therefore our 2 Bag Set is ideal for striking the balance between saving time and still maintaining a high yield.

Pro tip:
Keep your water at or below 4°C (39.2°F), as it is the densest and therefore most effective in removing resin glands at this temperature.
You will achieve the absolute prime quality by slowly and carefully stirring.
As the quality of your product declines as the plantmaterial continues to be stirred, we recommend working your material in several rounds to obtain separate batches with a quality gradient.