Eurom SF2007C Ceramic Heater 600w-1200w-2000w

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The Eurom SF2007C is a small and practical ceramic heater. The electric heater has a metal housing, which makes it very durable. Because the Eurom SF2007C uses a ceramic heating element, it is very suitable for heating rooms. Consider, for example, your study or utility room. The Eurom electric heater provides pleasant radiant heat and is very energy efficient.
The ceramic heater can be set to 600, 1200 and 2000 watts. This makes the heater suitable for spaces up to 40 m2. The Eurom heater is equipped with a thermostat, so that the temperature can be easily maintained. For extra safety, the ceramic heater has overheating and fall-over protection, which means that it switches itself off if necessary.
Tip: also ideal for warm days! The SF2007C is also equipped with a cold-air fan.

Type : SF2007C
Capacity max. : W 0 - 600 - 1200 - 2000
Connection voltage : V / Hz 230/50
Elements : PTC
Indicator light  +
Cold air fan  +
Thermostat  +
Fall protection  +
Overheating Bev.  +
Metal casing
Model standing
Dimensions : cm 16 x 18.5 x 22.5
Weight : kg 2.1