Dinafem Seeds Power Kush Female ( 5 seeds )

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Sex : Feminised
Genotype : 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Cross : Afghani x Skunk#1
Suitable for : Indoors and outdoors
Indoor flowering : 50 days
Indoor yield : 550 g/m2
Outdoor harvest time : Early October
Outdoor yield : 1100 g/plant
Outdoor height : 3 m
THC : 12-16%

Power Kush is one of the most important feminised cannabis seeds of the Kush family but not only that. She's also a real monster-yielder. At Dinafem Seeds we wanted to create a powerful and complex strain and our team of breeders nailed it with this outstanding proposal. Afghani and Skunk #1 play the main parts in this happy-ending story; two incredible genetics that, when combined, have given way to a complex amalgam of properties that are very difficult to find all in one. Those lucky cannabis growers who have had the chance to meet her know that, with her, top-notch crops are always obtained in a remarkably short time.


Power Kush is a Sativa-shaped marijuana plant that grows rather tall. While she could reach heights of 3 m outdoors, indoors she’s a bit more moderate. This branchy pine-shaped marijuana plant has amazing yielding properties and, at the end of the flowering, her entire body fills with buds.


Looking for a strain with an off-the-charts yield? Power Kush is exactly what you need. Amazing crops of thick, resinous and elongated buds become ready in no time. In fact, she can provide up to 550 g/m2 indoors and some 1100 g/plant outdoors. And the end product is a real trophy you’ll feel extremely proud of.

Aromas and flavours

Power Kush gives off a strong citrusy and woody perfume, while her taste showcases hints of Skunk, lemon, spices and sandalwood. Once you start to feel all those tastes dancing in your mouth, you won't be able to hide your delight.


Power Kush is a highly relaxing effect. The physical and mental balance she delivers is indeed very nice. No wonder, in view of her THC content, ranging between 12 % and 16 %, that her potency is so extreme. She’s a great proposal to disconnect from the world for a while.


Power Kush is a sturdy cannabis plant that can be grown almost anywhere in the hands of all types of growers. The only snag is that, if cultivated in an extremely humid environment, a close eye should be kept on her to react in time if any problems arise. Indoors, she’ll thrive if SOG or SCROG growing methods are used whereas, outdoors, the best conditions are the ones offered by dry, sunny, temperate and Mediterranean climates or by greenhouses. She’s a real sprinter, taking only 50 days to fully flower indoors and being ready for harvest by mid-October outdoors. With this marijuana strain, we’ll always obtain generous crops, no matter how inexperienced the grower turns out to be. A highly motivating option for impatient rookies!