Dinafem Seeds Moby Hash Female( 5 seeds )

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Days of flowering to 12 hours: 60-70.
Harvest in outside: Until the 20 of October.
THC: Very high (16% - 20%).
CBD: Means.
Production: Very high.
Height in outside: Up to 3.5 meters.

The sister of the Moby Dick, is very similar to this. Thanks to their sativa dominancia, emphasize the strong speed of growth, the vigor in all type of situations, the resistance to the humidity, the flavor to pine, the high power, and the active and forceful effect. The Moby Hash, surpasses its sister in the production, thanks to that California used HashPlant to create has contributed it to him productivity. It grows much, and it needs enough fertilizer to maintain a development strong, along with much light, and sufficient water. The lack of light is the factor that limits this plant more, mainly in interior, and 600 watts by meter are essential to remove all the yield to him.
In flowering, it increases the height enough, and it is necessary to control it if there is not much height in the indoor. The hard flowering of 60 to 70 days, and produces main ends of very great size, with protuberances of chalices of the type of California HashPlant, but but short and wide, and with an enormous resin production; the tricommas are of so large length, of sativa type, and the aroma is unmistakable, a mixture of pine and wood that becomes relative. He is very powerful, of intense effect, active, and forceful, with a physical slope but, and lasts enough time thanks to the high concentration of THC, that can arrive at 20%. In outside, it produces very well, and if the climate is good in October, it gets fat until reaching a very serious size, even more than his envious sister.