Garden Highpro Basic Thermo-hygrometer

Garden Highpro Basic hygrothermograph
The Garden Highpro Basic Thermohygrometer is a temperature and humidity meter for indoor spaces. It is a fundamental instrument in the indoor cultivation space that allows us to control the environment in which the plants are located and maintain the ideal parameters so that they grow and develop in the best conditions.
It has a double screen in which the temperature and humidity are displayed and keeps the maximum and minimum values daily.

- A button allows to select ºC or ºF to read the temperature and has a reset button. It is protected by a durable and durable white plastic housing, and at the back it has a support bracket and a slot to hang it.
- It works with a 1.5 V AAA battery.

- Temperature range: 0ºC-50ºC (32ºF-122ºF)
- Indoor humidity range: 25% to 90%
- Precision temperature: +/- 1ºC
- Accuracy humidity: +/- 5%