Can-Fan RK 250 830 m3/h 250mm

Can-Fan RK250 830 m3/h 250mm

Can-Fan RK plastic tube fan, is a backward centrifugal extractor using a resistant, maintenance free plastic housing.

The extractor is speed controllable using voltage or frequency control, and as a protection for the motor, it is equipped with a thermal switch, that turns off the motor if it reaches a dangerous working temperature.

The Swiss made motor, together with the propeller design is enabling this type of fan to deliver a strong airflow while making less noise.

CAN-FAN RK 250/830

Material : Plastic
Weight : 3.1 kg
Diameter : 250 mm
Capacity : 830 m3/h
Current : 0.5 A
Power : 100 W
Speed controller allowed : Yes